Ken Elston
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Manassas City is a great place to live. In describing the ideal for our community, one of our most beloved community leaders used the phrase “a community for a lifetime.” As a member of the City Council, I will focus on serving my neighbors with common sense leadership and an emphasis on keeping our town a great choice for all phases of life.



Our families and our neighbors must be safe and secure.

And, people deserve to feel safe in their homes, on our streets, and they need to feel confident when they send their kids off to school. Our police, fire and rescue are excellent, and they need a supportive and visionary leadership.


Supporting superior schools means investing in the future for our children, our region, and our nation.

Great schools attract families and business investment. Great schools are our community’s greatest commodity. Our school board and our school administration need to feel that they have strong partners in planning, in building strategic affiliations, and innovation. Both of our children attend Manassas City Public Schools, and I am an educator by profession, so I have “skin in the game”.


Economic development provides significant fuel for the city’s social engine, delivers important amenities, and eases the tax burden on individual families.

Smart and effective development in our city will help us meet expected challenges and make us stronger in facing the unknown. Appropriate development will also enhance the feel of the community.


Fiscal responsibility and careful stewardship of community resources is a serious mandate.

Representatives of the people are invested with an important trust when it comes to the wise use of tax dollars. Budget priorities have to reflect the needs of city residents and the values of the community. Setting goals and reaching them without an undo burden on the taxpayer will be my priority in strategic planning.


Helping people spend less time in their cars and more time with their families is a clear priority.

Attention to transportation is necessary all over Northern Virginia. Our city has to make good decisions regarding traffic flow, parking, and traffic safety. I am dedicated to strong relationship building. That includes working with all of our neighbors and neighboring jurisdictions to ensure sound planning on transportation issues to ease congestion.

Community Building

All of our citizens should feel respected, welcome and important to the dialogues of good governance.

The people of Manassas should feel that their welfare is the priority of the Council. The city has a responsibility to keep our streets safe and clean. There is also a responsibility to communicate reasonable priorities and keep the process of decision-making transparent.

Quality of Life

Making Manassas City competitive necessitates attention to all these factors.

We want a city that attracts homebuyers, encourages people to stay, and supports an expansive view of the future. Attaining a good quality of life for all of our citizens is a goal worth fighting for.


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