Ken Elston
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OUR “AD” FROM 2014

Ken Elston was elected to Manassas City Council in 2014. He has been a strong voice for long-term, strategic planning and transparency, support for public safety, and our schools. Ken and his family have lived in the city for sixteen years. Both children have attended Manassas City Public Schools. Ken is a teacher and administrator at George Mason University.


Ken serves on several committees for the city. He chairs the Personnel Committee, and he has worked to optimize and modernize the citizen volunteer application process. Ken serves on the Finance Committee, and has been a member of planning committees with the Schools, Family Services, Solid Waste, Historic Resources, and on committees for the Council of Regional Governments. In the community, Ken has served as Lay Leader in his church, Grace United Methodist, and he still serves on the School Board of Grace Children’s Learning Center. He worked on boards for Oberon Theater Ensemble, Gray Ghost Theatre, Footsteps in Time, the Hylton Performing Arts Center Development and Education committees, as well as Advisory Boards for Aldie Church, Save Meadowbrook, Piedmont Film Festival, Washington West Film Festival, and the Lisbon Institute of Biological Studies Center for Communicating Science. He has been involved in support for CASA, SAVAS, ACTS, JustFaith, the Center for the Arts, and other regional organizations. He is a long-time member of the Greater Manassas Christmas Parade Committee, Ken and his wife, Molly, have announced the parade for over a decade, and he has worked creatively with NOVA-Manassas Symphony, Prince William Little Theater, Chainbridge Chamber Orchestra, Manassas Chorale, and other groups. As a professional actor, Ken has been a union member for 30 years.


Ken brings vision and leadership to the Manassas community. Ken is committed to supporting appropriate development and fiscal responsibility. His bi-partisan work to fund the Capital Investment Plan and increase the city’s economic reserves has been cited has basis for Manassas receiving a AAA Bond Rating. Ken is passionate about the arts and education and will continue to support our city staff, with a special focus on the vital public safety officers in our police force, as well as fire and rescue,economic development, and superior schools. Ken has worked to improve services in the city, improve the quality of life, and do that with transparency and respect for all people. Ken will continue to keep values and people foremost in his priorities and above any ideology.

Letter From Ken

Dear Friends,

My name is Ken Elston. I am the Director of the School of Theater at George Mason University in Fairfax. I am asking for your support, as I run for re-election to the Manassas City Council.

My wife and I have lived in Manassas City for sixteen years. Our family is rooted here. Our two children attended Manassas City Schools. Our youngest is entering her senior year. As an artist, citizen, and as a public servant, I have made Manassas my commitment. In 2005, with the support of some amazing people, my wife and I began Footsteps In Time, a not-for-profit dedicated to bringing history to life and supporting history education through the arts. Among the theater and films we made, we produced the National Jubilee of Peace in the heart of our own city. I have been a Lay Leader in our church and a member of the Grace Children’s Learning Center School Board. I have served on boards for Aldie Church, Save Meadowbrook, and the Hylton Performing Arts Center. I have been involved in active support for CASA, SAVAS, ACTS, JustFaith, the Center for the Arts, NOVA-Manassas, and am a member of the Greater Manassas Christmas Parade Committee. I have also worked creatively with Manassas Symphony, Prince William Little Theater, Manassas Chain Bridge Orchestra, Manassas Chorale, and other groups. I believe in involvement, and I believe in our city.

While serving on your City Council, I have focused on growing an economic base by helping to build services and resources that attract and keep businesses. I work hard at serving each and every citizen, through consensus and vision building, because community is a value. My decisions regarding plans for growth, improvement, and quality of life in our city have been built on the solid foundation of holding community as a priority. On the Council I have joined, even lead, meaningful discussions with an open mind and sincere planning. I been the clear of voice and mind I promised to be, so that the judgments of the City Council remain informed by thoughtful consideration of the people being served, rather than by any ideology.

Thank you for considering my service to the people of this city. Provide me with your support for re-election, and I will continue to answer with action. I look forward to further conversation and a mutual effort to bring unity to a movement for positive change. Please vote for Ken Elston, Michelle Davis-Younger, and Rex Parr for Manassas City Council.


Ken D. Elston


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