Ken Elston
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Being elected to City Council is being elected to a position of service. My commitment will be to work on behalf of and in representation of all our citizens, and, in making hard choices and important decisions, weigh the greater good more heavily than any ideology. I will value diversity and bipartisanism and work to build productive dialog regarding issues in the community. I will focus my attention and energy while on City Council on the work of good government and on local priorities. I will work towards a government agenda that improves our city services and burnishes our community’s reputation.

Among government’s highest obligations are public safety and fiscal responsibility. All city services hinge on getting these two things right, and the character of the community is defined by attention to them. I am committed to supporting our schools and supporting economic development. Great schools and successful economic development depend on community security and amenities.

To enhance public safety, I support retention programs to stem the loss of experienced police officers. I support investment in fire and emergency medical services to right-size staffing, ensure quick response times, and improve our city’s rating- the rating that is a national standard that determines all our insurance rates (better ratings result in savings for individuals and businesses)- a fantastic argument for living in and doing business in Manassas. My priorities will always be based in community need, as expressed by the experts our city employs to make those judgments.

While on City Council, I will be an advocate for fiscal responsibility and good management. As the new City Council works to support the necessary services for our citizens- whether that refers to local services or seeking the best terms for our citizens in partnership agreements- I will always promote the lowest necessary investment by the individual taxpayer that still supports the needs and the goals of our city. Long-term strategic planning demands differentiating investment and expense. Taking advantage of favorable rates, fees and other costs of enduring achievement will require prioritization, and there will be great value in a new dedication to avoiding emergency-based shocks to the economic system. We must attend to the undesignated fund and reserves for the city to assure a strong credit rating. In the past, Manassas has had success using rate stabilization funds, insulating our residents from sudden rate increases, and we should think ahead and be proactive on behalf of our citizens in just that way again.

You can depend upon me to advocate for filling in missing pieces in the mosaic of our city profile. I advocate returning parks and recreation to Manassas as a priority in providing the kinds of amenities all great communities have. I believe in returning and right-sizing city staff positions to pre-recession levels to provide sufficient support to a city of our size. And, I will always work to ensure that all of our fiscal choices are grounded in the shared values and mandates of our community. Every dollar the city spends is from Manassas families and Manassas businesses. I will honor the trust given the City Council by being a good steward of those resources.

Manassas, you have a choice regarding the kind of representation you receive on City Council. It is a big part of what makes this country great.

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