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A week ago I was in a car accident. A person turning left from the opposite direction failed to yield the right of way at an intersection. So, my car was totaled, I knocked on fewer doors last week than I intended, and I went to work less than I intended, too.

A colleague suggested that maybe the universe was suggesting I slow down. Perhaps, but I would have preferred a note or a dove.

In any case, I find myself counting my blessings in all this, and they are many:
• I saw the other car coming and hit my brakes. If I hadn’t, that Expedition may well have centered its impact in the middle of my driver-side door.
• Insurance is taking care of the messy business that inevitably follows an accident.
• Though we may have to make some hard choices, we will be able to secure a replacement vehicle soon.
• My colleagues at George Mason have been nothing but supportive in allowing me time to heal.
More so:
• Family and friends warm my heart with expressions of sympathy and support.
• Everyone was able to walk away from this event.
• Witnesses slowed their own busy lives, stayed at the scene, and shared what they saw happen with the police.
• Trustworthy professionals are doing their best to sort out all the complexities involved.

Because this campaign for City Council is so often at the forefront of my mind, I cannot help but find the lessons in all this reflected in the needs of that job:
• Look down the road.
• Plan for emergencies and insure the system to ensure the future.
• Remember that hard choices are necessary.
• Be grateful there are options.
• Know we are in this together.
• Appreciate the professionals who are trained to manage complex issues.

There is always a silver lining. It did take slowing down to really see it, though.

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