Ken Elston
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 A Return to Forward-Looking Leadership

Warner and Elston
US Senator, Mark Warner

Building on our past and planning for our future

I am on Manassas City Council because enough of you believe in common sense leadership for our community.


J. Stephen Randolph,Tim Demeria, Pamela Sebesky, Art Bushnell, Ralph Smith

Manassas Education Association

Common sense for our community means…

  • Keeping Manassas a great place to live.
  • Forward looking strategic planning.
  • Advancing fiscal responsibility and social improvement.
  • Making government work for everyone.
  • Valuing results over ideology.
  • Respecting all people.

Making Manassas successful now and in the future will take an assessment of community values, thoughtful setting of public priorities, and a willingness to take action.


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